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Feb 2 2014 - Feb 9 2014
“A Contemplative Science of Mental Balance”
On the basis of an ethical way of life, mental balance is the key to achieving genuine happiness and to following the path to spiritual liberation and awakening. Genuine happiness, in contrast to hedonic pleasure, is a sense of wellbeing that arises from within, without dependence upon pleasant stimuli. This arises first of all from leading an ethical way of life, based on nonviolence and benevolence. Secondly, it arises from the cultivation of four aspects of mental balance: conative (having to do with one’s aspirations and intentions), attentional, cognitive, and emotional. In this retreat Alan Wallace will explain each of these four aspects of mental balance and how to cultivate each one. This is the basis for realizing the deepest dimension of genuine happiness, which arises from the wisdom of knowing reality as it is. The retreat will consist of lectures, guided meditations, and discussions.

May 11, 2014 - May 18, 2014:
The first half of Düdjom Lingpa’s "The Foolish Dharma of an Idiot Clothed in Mud and Feathers."

Dzogchen, or the “Great Perfection,” is regarded by many as the pinnacle of the Buddhist teachings, for it presents the most direct path to realizing our true nature and to unveiling the deepest dimensions of consciousness. In the text taught in this retreat, its author, the 19th-century Dzogchen master Düdjom Lingpa, presents the view, meditation, and way of life of the Great Perfection from his own experience, inspired by his many visions of the “Lake-born Vajra” manifestation of Padmasambhava, who first introduced the teachings of Dzogchen to Tibet in the 8th century. With delightful humility, he describes himself as an old vagabond, ludicrously clothed in mud and feathers, who has shaken his beggar’s satchel and presents these lucid teachings as what came out.

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November 9, 2014 – November 16, 2014:

“A Contemplative Science of Consciousness”
Modern science has discovered many important facts about the mind by studying it indirectly through the examination of the neural correlates and behavioral expressions of mental processes. The Buddhist science of the mind takes a more direct approach: it seeks to understand the mind and consciousness through direct, sophisticated observation and analysis. This accords with all other branches of the natural sciences, which seek to understand the phenomena under investigation by direct observation, rather than focusing merely on correlated events. In this retreat Alan Wallace will explain three dimensions of consciousness: that of the ordinary mind, or psyche; the underlying, subtle continuum of awareness known as the consciousness; and the deepest, transcendent dimension of primordial consciousness. He will also discuss how each of these dimensions can be experientially discovered through first-person investigation. The retreat will consist of lectures, guided meditations, and discussions.

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There will be no 8-week retreat in the Spring of 2014.

Jul 6, 2014 - Aug 8, 2014
Cultivating Emotional Balance Teachers Training In Holy Isle, Scotland.

Led by B. Alan Wallace and Eve Ekman. Dr. Wallace’s instruction on the contemplative elements of this training is from July 6 – 20, and Dr. Ekman’s instruction on the psychological elements of the training are from July 21 – Aug. 8, 2014.

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Aug 21 2014 - Oct 16 2014
Eight- Week Retreat on shamatha, vipshayana, and Dzogchen in Phuket, Thailand
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 Retreats are led by B. Alan Wallace, the Fall exclusively by B. Alan Wallave, and the CEB teacher training with Alan Wallace and Eve Ekman. These two retreats are sponsored by Santa Barbara Institute, and hosted by the Thanyapura Mind Centre, part of the Phuket International Academy, in Phuket, Thailand. and Holy Isel, Scotland.


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