Four Noble Truths DVD

Four Noble Truths
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Four Noble Truths from the Perspectives of the Shravakayana, Mahayana, and Dzogchen

The Four Noble Truths comprise the basis and fundamental structure of all the
Buddha's teachings. More accurately translated as the "four realities for āryas"(those who have gained direct realization of nirvāna), these are the four topics the Buddha taught when he first turned the Wheel of Dharma to his five close disciples in Sarnath, shortly after his enlightenment. These topics are the realities of suffering, of the source of suffering, of the cessation of suffering at its source, and the path to that cessation. During this weeklong retreat, Alan Wallace explains how these four realities are understood from the perspective of the Shravakayana (which corresponds closely to the Buddha's teachings as preserved in the Pali Canon (the basis of Theravada Buddhism), the Mahayana (with its emphasis on the bodhisattva way of life culminating in the perfection of wisdom), and the Vajrayana, or Buddhist tantra, culminating in the Great Perfection, or Dzogchen. Lectures on these topics arer complemented with guided meditations and group discussions

Recorded in November 10-17, 2013 at the Old Mission Renewal Center, Santa Barbara.

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