A Contemplative Science of Mental Balance

Retreat on Contemplative Science of Mental Balance

On the basis of an ethical way of life, mental balance is the key to achieving genuine happiness and to following the path to spiritual liberation and awakening. Genuine happiness, in contrast to hedonic pleasure, is a sense of wellbeing that arises from within, without dependence upon pleasant stimuli. This arises first of all from leading an ethical way of life, based on nonviolence and benevolence. Secondly, it arises from the cultivation of four aspects of mental balance: Conitive (having to do with one's aspiration and intentions), attentional, cognitive, and emotional. In this retreat Alan Wallace explains each of these four aspects of mental balance and hot to cultivate each one. This is the basis for realizing the deepest dimension of genuine happiness, which arises from the wisdom of knowing reality as it is .

Joining this retreat for insightful commentary is Paul Ekman, Ph.D., are known pioneer in the study of human emotions and their relation to facial expressions. Dr. Ekman is one of the most cited psychologist of the 20th century ans has co-led numerous Cultivating Emotional retreat with SB Institute.

The retreat consist of lectures, guided meditations, and discussions. This retreat was held at the Old Mission Renewal Center, Santa Barbara from Feb 02-09, 2014.

Price: $108.00