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Mahamudra_Retreat_2016_Notes.pdf62.8 KB
Gelug Tradition of Mahamudra-2.pdf375.68 KB
Mahamudra Retreat Notes Dated March 31, 2016.pdf58.13 KB
Retreat Notes dated April 1, 2016.pdf38.39 KB
Four Immeasurables chart.pdf36.82 KB
Mahamudra_Retreat_2016_Notes Mon April 4th, 2016.pdf84.95 KB
Retreat Notes April 6th, 2016.pdf51.33 KB
Retreat Notes dated April 8, 2016.pdf85.52 KB
Mahamudra Retreat 2016 Notes April 10, 2016.pdf105.35 KB
Mahamudra_Retreat_2016_Notes April 13th.pdf114.97 KB
Kheminda Thera on Momentary Samadhi.PDF602.72 KB
The Way of Buddhist Meditation.PDF9.42 MB
Spring 8-week Retreat Notes April 15, 2016.pdf83.52 KB
Bhikkhu_Bodhi_Correspondence.pdf324.6 KB
Spring 8-week retreat April 17, 2016.pdf39.27 KB
History of Introspection.pdf1.66 MB
Retreat Notes from April 18, 2016.pdf55.04 KB
Retreat Notes April 19, 2016.pdf24.98 KB
Retreat Notes April 20th , 2016.pdf72.02 KB
Ten Stages to Shamatha.pdf143.97 KB
Ninefold Breathing.pdf235.57 KB
Retreat Notes for April 24th, 2016.pdf43.08 KB
Retreat Notes from April 25th & 26th, 2016.pdf186.92 KB
Retreat Notes April 28th, 2016.pdf188.99 KB
Retreat Notes April 29, 2016.pdf163.81 KB
Vajrasattva 1.pdf4.2 MB
Vajrasattva 2.pdf3.55 MB
Vajrasattva 3.pdf3.99 MB
Vajrasattva 4.pdf3.83 MB
Retreat Notes May1& 2nd, 2016 .pdf175.38 KB
Retreat Notes from May 3rd & 4th.pdf155.24 KB
Retreat Notes May 8 & 9, 2016.pdf150.79 KB
Retreat Notes dated May 10 & 13, 2016.pdf174.75 KB
Retreat Notes May 15th, 2016.pdf167.08 KB
Exerpt from Naked Awareness.pdf66.14 KB
Panchen Lineage.pdf404.49 KB
Śikṣasamuccaya on 4 Applications.pdf112.3 KB
BriefHistoryKalachakra.pdf1.37 MB
Retreat Notes May 17th, 2016.pdf111.44 KB
Retreat Notes dated May 18 & 19, 2016.pdf111.93 KB
Evidence for Reincarnation.pdf40.97 KB
Two Research Projects.pdf25.94 KB
What Constitutes Compelling Evidence_.pdf2.01 MB
Dialogue between Daniel Simpson & Alan Wallace (1).pdf115.56 KB
Retreat Notes March 21, 2016.pdf110.6 KB
Mahamudra Retreat 2016 Notes.pdf520.75 KB