Buddhahood Without Meditation with B. Alan Wallace

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Buddhahood Without Meditation is the most renowned of the five principal Dzogchen texts revealed by the 19th century Mahasiddha Düdjom Lingpa, and it is unique in that it consists of an anthology of teachings he received by way of pure visions of many of the greatest Indian and Tibetan Buddhist adepts and other enlightened beings. It was on the basis of such teachings that thirteen of his direct disciples achieved Rainbow Body, and it is prophesied that many more will do so in the future. In this retreat Alan Wallace will offer an oral commentary to the first five chapters of
Buddhahood Without Meditation, including visionary teachings by Avalokiteśvara, Düdjom Lingpa's root lama, the Lake-Born Vajra of Orgyen, Vidyādhara Düdul Dorjé, Longchenpa, Drimé Öser, and the Mahasiddha Saraha.
These include pith instructions on the meditation on emptiness, the illusory nature of reality, the seven qualities of the Vajra, the substrate consciousness, the absolute space of phenomena, and the nature of virtue and vice from a Dzogchen perspective. These teachings will be preceded by an oral commentary to Sera Khandro's commentary on the preliminary practices, entitled The Fine Path to Liberation, which is essential for the practice of Dzogchen in general. The retreat will consist of lectures, guided meditations, and question-and-answer sessions, and is intended for participants with a sound understanding and practice of the foundational Buddhist teachings of the Four Noble Truths, bodhicitta, and the Six Perfections.
First half of the text. DVD recordings.
This was recorded on Jan. 8-13,2017 in Santa Barbara, California.

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