Mental Presence

Mental Presence

This seminar focuses on the meditative cultivation of mindfulness of all kinds of mental events and the substrate consciousness from which they arise. While the common tendency is to identify with our thoughts and emotions, in this practice we learn to observe them, examining how they arise, how they persist, and how they disappear. In particular, we focus on which kinds of mental processes result in inner balance and wellbeing, and which disrupt the equilibrium of the mind and body. As we mindfully probe the nature of these mental events, we investigate whether they are static or in a constant state of flux, whether or not they are truly satisfying or injurious in and of themselves, and whether there is anything in them that we can objectively identify as “I” or “mine.” In addition, we probe into the substrate consciousness—the luminous, vacuous, ground state of the mind—which is normally experienced only in deep sleep, in a coma, and at death.

Recorded on Sept. 25th, 2004, in Santa Barbara, CA.

Price: $30.00