48 Guided Meditations- Thumb/flash drive

48 Guided Meditation on a flash/thumb drive
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 This series of 48 Guided Meditations by B. Alan Wallace are preloaded onto a reusable flash drive in MP3 format that goes right into your computer's USB drive. Recorded live in Santa Barbara during the 2008 meditation retreats which covered the core Buddhist teaching of Shamatha,  Insight, Four Immeasurables, Lucid Dreaming, and Dzogchen, these selected meditations are arranged in a progressive order. Each 24 minute practice session begins and ends with a bell and is designed to create or enhance daily meditation practice. Also included is an index, a guide for establishing a daily meditation practice, and Lojong Mind Training on PDF. This flash drive makes a perfect present for anyone who meditates or wishes to start.

Price: $54.00