Awakening to Buddha Nature-MP3 CD

Awakening to Buddha Nature CD

According to Mahayana Buddhism, the deepest dimension of consciousness is known as Buddha-nature, or primordial consciousness. Although it transcends space and time, as well as all conceptual frameworks including that of existence and non-existence, it can, nevertheless, be known with direct, nondual awareness.

The root of all suffering is twofold: (1) grasping onto that which is not "I" or "mine" as being "I" or "mine," and (2) failing to realize who we really are. The Buddha-nature is our deepest nature, primordially pure and luminous. In this meditation seminar, B. Alan Wallace places the teachings on Buddha-nature within the context of Buddhism as a whole, including the "Three Turnings of the Wheel of Dharma." The differences between the Buddha-nature and other meditative experiences, such as the substrate consciousness (alayavigñana), are carefully examined. The combination of meditations, teachings, and discussion sessions creates a powerful experience that will help to awaken your own Buddha-nature.

SBI's "Awakening to Your Buddha Nature" seven-day retreat with B. Alan Wallace was recorded live in Santa Barbara, CA in Nov 2008.

These audio MP3 CDs of the 2008 retreats have been remastered into two or three disk sets with improved sound quality and with each session broken down into teachings, discussions, & meditations making it much easier to navigate the files.

Price: $108.00