Six Bardo from Dudjom Lingpa's Mind Treasure: Vajra Essence DVD

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The 19th-century classic Dzogchen treatise, The Vajra Essence, by the eminent master Dudjom Lingpa concludes with a concise lucid account of the Six Bardos, namely the Bardos of Living, Dreaming, Meditative Stabilization, Dying, Reality-itself, and Becoming. The teachings on these Bardos show how each of these trasitional phases of cyclic existence can provide a platform for achieving enlightenment, particularly by way of the practices of shamatha, vipashyana, and dzogchen.

During this retreat, B. Alan Wallace offers an explanation of Dujom Lingpas teachings, together with guided meditations for putting them into practice.
The seminar consists of lectures, guided meditations and discussions.
This nine-disc DVD set chronicles the seven-day Meditation " Six Bardos"  recorded March 2011at the Old Mission in Santa Barbara, CA.

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