Fall 2013 Podcasts from Phuket

The Fall 2013 retreat at the Thanyapura Mind Center from September 2nd and will end on October 28th. 
Text and notes for the retreat are availabe to those following the podcasts for download. Also, student notes will be uploaded each week. Email info@sbinsitute.com to join the mailing list.
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See of revised notes from Sept 28, 2013.
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7-Point Mind-Training Text.pdf50.29 KB
Notes to Seven-pt. Mind Training-3.pdf212.88 KB
Shamatha Fall 2013 Week 1 Student Notes.pdf135.21 KB
Shamatha Fall 2013 Week 2 Student Notes.pdf186.35 KB
Four Shamatha Methods.pdf200.11 KB
7-Point Mind-Training Text-Sept21.pdf50.33 KB
Shamatha Fall 2013. Week 3 Student Notes.pdf174.24 KB
Outline for Seven-pt. Mind Training-Sept28.pdf228.5 KB
Four Shamatha Methods-Sept28.pdf166.95 KB
The Rainbow Body.pdf139.58 KB
7-Point Mind-Training Text-sept28.pdf48.83 KB
Mahamudra and Dzogchen Paths.pdf80.36 KB
Shamatha Fall 2013.Week 4-Student Notes.pdf171.67 KB
Shamatha Fall 2013 Week 5-Student Notes.pdf181.28 KB
Avalokiteshvara Meditation.pdf888.76 KB
Outline for 7-pt. Mind Training.pdf265.22 KB
Ten Stages to Shamatha.pdf190.98 KB
Shamatha Fall 2013 Week 6 student notes.pdf169.31 KB
Ten Stages to Shamatha2.pdf194.21 KB
Outline for 7-pt. Mind Training2.pdf268.37 KB
Shamatha Fall 2013 Week 7 student notes.pdf169.64 KB
Outline for 7-pt. Mind Training-final update.pdf275.86 KB
Shamatha Fall 2013 Week 8-Student Notes.pdf155.74 KB