Cultivating a Good Heart: Meditation on the Four Immeasurables-DVD

Cultivating a Good Heart: Meditation on the Four Immeasurables.

In this meditation seminar, Alan Wallace teaches a sequence of meditations for cultivation of the "Four Immeasurables," namely loving-kindness, compassion, empathetic joy, and impartiality. These are followed by the teachings and practice of Buddhist Mind-Training, or "Lojong."
While many teachings on Buddhist meditation fill us with a longing to spend more time in quiet, solitary meditation, these practies bring us back to life, to the active world of living with others. The optimal situation to apply these teachings on cultivating a good heart is active life, socially engaged with other people at home and about town, moving away from habitual self-centeredness to greater empathy and loving concern for the welfare for those around us.
Regardless of whether we hold to any religious beliefs, these practices can be of benefit to everyone seeking to explore their own capacity to experience unconditional love and compassion.

Price: $50.00