2021 Miyo Samten Ling Long Term Retreat Application

Application for Long-term Meditation Retreat at

Miyo Samten Ling (Land of Unwavering Samādhi)

The Center for Contemplative Research, U.S.A.

Sponsored by the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies.

Venue: Nada Hermitage, Crestone, Colorado, US

We ask for your honesty and full-disclosure in providing answers to the questions outlined below. Not to do so will be grounds for rejecting your application and/or for asking you to leave the retreat.

Please fill out this form and submit. You will receive a copy of this application at the email address that you provide.

Since there is very limited space, we regret that we will not be able to accept as many people as we would like.

The information you provide will be reviewed only by the SBI staff and concerned teachers.

Step 1 of 8 - General Information

  • 2021 Miyo Samten Ling Long Term Retreat Application

    Please fill out the form in it's entirety. The asterisk * at the end of each question indicates that these are required answers.
  • Please be aware that acceptance into long-term retreat at the Nada Hermitage CCR is a highly selective process. Due to the limited number of cabins and the large number of qualified applicants, there will several stages in the admission process.

    1) Your written application will be reviewed to be sure it is complete (including two reference letters on your behalf) and that all the prerequisites listed below have been met.

    2) Completed applications will be read by B. Alan Wallace and possibly by one or more of the other resident teachers of the global CCR. (Please be assured that your application will not be evaluated on the quality of your English or your writing skills.)

    3) Following this preliminary review, there is an interview of 15-25 minutes with one or more of the teachers (via Zoom). This interview will be recorded.

    4) After a further selection process, individuals may be asked to participate in an interview with a clinical psychologist before final selection is made.

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