2022 - Fathom the Mind. Heal the World. Post-retreat Survey

Dear friends,

We hope that you are flourishing in this post-retreat period. 

Thank you for attending the “Fathom the Mind. Heal the World.” retreat in October! We are grateful you participated in these teachings and we’d love to hear your feedback. Following are a few questions about your experience of the retreat content and your retreat experience. We really appreciate your responses as they will help shape our future programming.

Thank you from all of us at CCR and SBI

1. How satisfied were you with the teaching content of the retreat?
2. How interested would you be in future similar “inter-contemplative” retreats – where teachings from different wisdom traditions are explored and practiced with different teachers in a single retreat?
3. Which aspect of the teachings, if any, would you like there to be more of?
Would you stay at Blazing Mountain again, if we have a retreat there?
If you participated in the catered meals, would you order them again?
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