Awakening to Buddha Nature-DVD's

Awakening to Buddha Nature-DVD's

According to Mahayana Buddhism, the deepest dimension of consciousness is known as Buddha-nature, or primordial consciousness. Although it transcends space and time, as well as all conceptual frameworks including that of existence and non- existence, it can, nevertheless, be known with direct, nondual awareness.
The root of all suffering is twofold: (1) grasping onto that which is not "I" or "mine" as being "I" or "mine," and (2) failing to realize who we really are. The Buddha-nature is our deepest nature, primordially pure and luminous. In this meditation seminar, B. Alan Wallace places the teachings on Buddha-nature within the context of Buddhism as a whole, including the "Three Turnings of the Wheel of Dharma." The differences between the Buddha-nature and other meditative experiences, such as the substrate consciousness (alayavigñana), are carefully examined. The combination of meditations, teachings, and discussion sessions creates a powerful experience that will help to awaken your own Buddha-nature.
Recorded in November 2008 at the Old Mission Renewal Center, Santa Barbara.

Price: $150.00