• Mahamudra Shamatha Teachings with Drupön Lama Karma - Five-Month Meditation Program This series of teachings is the continuation of the three-month shamatha program with Drupön Rinpoche that had been offered from November 2023 - February 2024, you can read more about this series here. You do not need to have followed the prior teachings, but it is recommended. There will be weekly online sessions on Fridays at 7:00 PM (Pacific Daylight Time) starting on March 22nd until August 23rd, 2024. For those who cannot attend live, we will be providing access to recordings, which will be commercial free. The teachings will be given in Tibetan language with English translation. The recordings will also have closed captioning (CC) in Spanish and Portuguese. Please read below for more information about the retreat. You can read more about Lama Karma here. The cost for the program is on a sliding scale of 200 to 400 USD based on each participant’s financial situation. Should anyone be unable to afford the fee please email us at: karmajnana108@gmail.com explaining your situation. If you wish to sign up for the teachings, please click below. After making the payment, please look for the REGISTRATION LINK IN THE CONFIRMATION PAGE. In case you miss it, please email us so we can send you the link via email.

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  • Lama Alan Wallace Public Teachings While in Retreat. On Guru Rinpoche Day, November 22, 2023, Lama Alan emerged from retreat silence for a few hours to offer a very meaningful public talk. This was held in the stillness of Manjushri Chapel at Miyo Samten Ling with the yogis in long-term retreat present. This talk was inspired by the excerpt, Value of Observing the Mind, from The Royal Seal of Mahamudra, Volume One, by The Third Khamtrul Rinpoche Ngawang Kunga Tenzin. Lama Alan continued this series of teachings on Dakini Day, January 6, 2024. Register for this ongoing series of talks from this precious time while Lama Alan is in retreat. Each of the teachings will be available with audio and video recordings and are being offered free of charge for all who are interested. Please read below for additional information. Por favor, leer la siguiente información adicional. Traducción al español disponible.
  • During the 2022, The Vajra Essence - Part 3, 8-week retreat, Lama Alan offered three teachings, and meditations, on these essential, integrated shamatha meditations:
    • Mindfulness of breathing,
    • Taking the mind as the path and
    • Shamatha without a sign.
    We are delighted to offer these three core teachings, and meditations, for free.
  • Over 15 sessions Glen Svensson will introduce the practice of shamatha, the practice of cultivating a calm, clear and focused mind. Each session includes discussion, guided meditation and Q&A. This program is suitable for those new to this practice and also those who are already well established in shamatha practice. These teachings were originally part of 2020 8-week retreat. Please see below for additional information.
  • The Seven Preliminaries according to the Revelations of Düdjom Lingpa

    Teaching, translations, and oral transmission by Eva Natanya (Yangchen Osel) from the 2020 8-week Retreat Eva Natanya presents previously untranslated material on the Seven Uncommon Preliminaries (or Ngöndro) as they appear in the revelations of Düdjom Lingpa and in key commentaries from the Düdjom Lineage. See below for additional information.
  • Lama Alan offers concise, pith instructions on the four revolutions in outlook, the common, outer preliminaries that are the basis for the uncommon inner preliminaries. These teachings are from the 2020 8-week retreat, The Vajra Essence Part I. There are no prerequisites for these teachings. If you would like to register for the entire 8-week retreat you can click here
  • On November 18th, 2020 Lama Alan offered five hours of oral commentary to Drubpön Lama Karma’s experiential account of his own practice of shamatha and subsequent contemplative training. This is Lama Alan’s first teaching at The Center for Contemplative Research at Miyo Samten Ling in Crestone, CO. We are delighted to share with you these inspired teachings, in both audio and video form, and with a Spanish translation also available. Traducción al español disponible. Please see below for additional information.
  • B. Alan Wallace 25 Aug 2012 – 17 Oct 2012 Thanyapura Mind Centre, Phuket, Thailand Teachings from the eight-week retreat at Thanyapura Mind Centre, Phuket, Thailand
  • B. Alan Wallace 03 Sep 2013 – 25 Oct 2013 Thanyapura Mind Centre, Phuket, Thailand Alan Wallace Fall 2013 8-Week retreat on Shamatha and the Bodhisattva Way of Life, including teachings on the Seven-Point Mind-Training and A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life, by B. Alan Wallace at the Thanyapura Mind Centre in Phuket, Thailand, from September 2nd- October 28th, 2013
  • Fall 2014 Shamatha, Vipashyana, Dream Yoga, and the Experience of Pristine Awareness in the Great Perfection Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism B. Alan Wallace 21 Aug 2014 – 16 Oct 2014 Thanyapura Mind Centre, Phuket, Thailand This eight-week retreat will focus on three of the six transitional processes, namely: the Transitional Process of Living, with teachings on śamatha and vipaśyanā, the Transitional Process of Dreaming, with teachings on dream yoga, and the Transitional Process of Meditation with teachings on Dzogchen meditation. All these teachings will be based on the text The Profound Dharma of The Natural Emergence of the Peaceful and Wrathful from Enlightened Awareness Stage of Completion Instructions on the Six Transitional Processes, an “earth terma” of teachings by Padmasambhava, revealed by Karma Lingpa in the fourteen century. The English translation of this text has been published under the title Natural Liberation: Padmasambhava’s Teachings on the Six Bardos, with commentary by Gyatrul Rinpoche and translated by B. Alan Wallace.
  • Stage of Generation, Shamatha, Vipashyana and Mahamudra

    B. Alan Wallace 30 Jul 2015 – 24 Sep 2015 Araluen Retreat Center, Queensland, Australia This eight-week retreat will focus on stage of generation, shamatha, vipashyana and mahamudra.
  • A Meditation Retreat on Shamatha, Vipashyana, Mahamudra, and Dzogchen

    B. Alan Wallace 29 Mar 2016 – 24 May 2016 Lama Tzong Khapa Institute, Italy Spring 8-Week retreat on Shamatha, Vipashyana, and Mahamudra, based upon two texts: Panchen Lozang Chökyi Gyaltsen’s Highway of the Jinas: A Root Text on the Precious Geluk-Kagyü Mahamudra Tradition, and Karma Chagmé’s Naked Awareness: Practical Teachings on the Union. Prerequisite Requirements to Purchase Program To register for this retreat you should be familiar with the foundational teachings and practices of shamatha, the four applications of mindfulness, and the four immeasurables. See below for list of teachings. Please read full details below in Description.
  • B. Alan Wallace 15 Nov 2010 – 30 Dec 2010 Thanyapura Mind Centre, Phuket, Thailand Welcome! On this site you’ll find downloadable podcasts from the Fall 2010 Shamatha Retreat led by B. Alan Wallace in Phuket, Thailand. Follow along with the retreat as Wallace gives daily meditation instructions to help one cultivate attention and awareness as well as the qualities of love, compassion, joy and equanimity. We hope you will enjoy and benefit from these beautiful teachings! We are offering this item free.
  • B. Alan Wallace 10 Apr 2011 – 04 Jun 2011 Thanyapura Mind Centre, Phuket, Thailand Dharma talks and guided meditations given six days per week during the Spring, 2011 eight-week Shamatha retreat at the Thanyapura Mind Centre in Phuket, Thailand, with B. Alan Wallace. Podcasts will be posted daily during the retreat.
  • B. Alan Wallace 02 Sep 2011 – 21 Oct 2011 Thanyapura Mind Centre, Phuket, Thailand Dharma talks and guided meditations given six days per week during the Fall, 2011 eight-week Shamatha retreat at the Thanyapura Mind Centre in Phuket, Thailand, with B. Alan Wallace. Podcasts will be posted daily during the retreat.
  • B. Alan Wallace 08 Apr 2012 – 30 May 2012 Thanyapura Mind Centre, Phuket, Thailand Spring 2012 shamatha retreat audio teachings with Alan Wallace. Live from the Thanyapura Mind Centre in Phuket, Thailand.
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