At the beginning of the 21st century humanity is poised for a revolution in our understanding of consciousness, as the first-person modes of inquiry of the contemplative traditions of the world are integrated with the third-person methods of modern science. The Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies is dedicated to furthering such interdisciplinary and cross-cultural investigation of the nature and potentials of consciousness and extending its benefits to the general public.


The Institute’s research emphasizes the integration of scientific approaches with contemplative methods adhering to equally high standards, radically expanding the study of the mind to explore its potentials more fully than ever before. Its practice and education focus is on the cultivation of human flourishing and genuine happiness through exceptional mental health and balance, bringing the physical and psychological benefits of training awareness to ever-broader segments of the population and all areas of life.



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Cultivating Emotional Balance Teacher Training Application Information

The ninth Cultivating Emotional Balance Teacher Training (CEBTT) will take place next summer from June 19th - July 23rd, 2018 at Landguet Ried, Bern, Switzerland. It will be led by Dr. Alan Wallace and Eve Ekman Ph.D.

During the first two weeks, Eve Ekman will teach the theories and practices of the psychology of emotional balance. In the latter three weeks, Dr. Alan Wallace will teach the relevant theories and practices of Buddhism, particularly focusing on the cultivation of attention, insight through the practice of mindfulness, as well as the qualities of loving-kindness, compassion, empathetic joy, and equanimity (the Four Immeasurables). The format will consist of a combination of lectures, meditation, teaching opportunities, and discussion.

Alan will co-teach CEBTT in 2018, but this will most likely be the last time he will do so. So if people wish to receive the training from Alan, next year is the time to do it.

Applications are now available for CEBTT: To apply for the 5-week CEB Teacher Training, please request a detailed application by emailing and mention CEBTT 2018 in the subject of the email. For more information, please send specific inquiries about the course to

If you wish to be considered for priority placement, please complete the online application by December 20th, 2017. After the applications have been received, they will go through a vetting process, and the applicants who qualify for Priority Placement will be notified around the second week of January 2018. One may be accepted to the program, put on the waiting list, or may not be eligible to attend this particular retreat. Qualities that are valued in applicants include an honest desire for learning and development and a wish to apply principles of emotional balance first in their own lives and then a willingness to share these potentially transformative skills with others.

The cost for rooms are listed here.This price includes teachings, food, and lodging for 5 weeks, but not travel expenses.

Participants will be asked to make an initial non-refundable deposit of $1000 within 15 days after selection and the final payment for single room, double room, and triple room will be due four months prior to its start.

For photographs of Landguet Ried, Bern, Switzerland:

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